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Some Things to Think About

Last week was pretty rough. I came back from spring break to a closed university. I had to transition to online classes. I needed to go to the grocery store during a time when everyone is panic buying. I woke up to an earthquake early Wednesday morning.

There is so much fear and panic in the world right now. There is also the opposite- people not taking things seriously. I think we all need to understand the severity of the situation, while also remaining calm. Preparation is a way that we can reduce the fear we are feeling. We can prepare enough supplies to sustain us. We can make sure our home/self defense tools are ready and reliable. I also want to encourage mental preparation. On Wednesday morning when the earthquake struck, it was the last thing I expected to happen. I wasn’t mentally prepared and it made the situation worse. There needs to be a balance between being ready for a disaster such as an earthquake or a global pandemic, but not letting it consume our minds.

Currently I am in Utah while the rest of my family is on lockdown in California. That has been the scariest part. I am 20 years old and trying to navigate this (partially) on my own. A lot of 20 year old college students are acting as if they are on vacation which is worrisome. I am not an expert on how to handle this difficult situation, but I hope that I can encourage other young adults to try to step up and be responsible for themselves and loved ones during this time. This is just another opportunity to practice our self-reliance.

With all the new gun owners out there, I hope that I can be a helpful resource. Instead of being judgmental, we should help lift each other up. Any of the mistakes that are made by those that are new to guns were also made by us at some point. We have all been there. We need to remember that we are a community of people with similar values and goals. If you are a new gun owner, please message me or any of the other wonderful gun owners on Instagram if you have any questions. Freedom Concealed is about my journey as someone who is new(ish) to guns and concealed carry and I want to be a good example for others.

Let’s all remember to be prepared (physically and mentally) and to be available to help others in any way that we can, whether that is giving advice via Instagram or making sure our loved ones are taken care of.


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